The Gaelic Litany to Our Lady

O Great Mary,   pray for us.
O Mary, greatest of Maries,   pray for us.
O Greatest of women, etc.
O Queen of angels,
O Mistress of the heavens,
O Woman full and replete with the grace of the Holy Spirit,
O Blessed and most blessed,
O Mother of Eternal Glory,
O Mother of the heavenly and earthly Church,
O Mother of Love and Indulgence,
O Mother of the Golden Heights,
O Honor of the sky,
O Sign of tranquillity,
O Gate of Heaven,
O Golden Vessel,
O Couch of Love and Mercy,
O Temple of Divinity,
O Beauty of virgins,
O Mistress of the tribes,
O Fountain of gardens,
O Cleansing of sins,
O Purifying of souls,
O Mother of orphans,
O Breast of infants,
O Solace of the wretched,
O Star of the sea,
O Handmaid of the Lord,
O Mother of Christ,
O Resort of the Lord,
O Graceful like the dove,
O Serene like the moon,
O Resplendent like the sun,
O Cancelling Eve's disgrace,
O Regeneration of life,
O Beauty of women,
O Leader of virgins,
O Garden Enclosed,
O Fountain sealed up,
O Mother of God,
O Perpetual Virgin,
O Holy Virgin,
O Prudent Virgin,
O Serene Virgin,
O Chaste Virgin,
O Temple of the Living God,
O Royal Throne of the Eternal King,
O Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit,
O Virgin of the Root of Jesse,
O Cedar of Mount Lebanon,
O Cypress of Mount Sion,
O Crimson Rose of the Land of Jacob,
O Blooming like the palm tree,
O Fruitful like the olive tree,
O Glorious Son-bearer,
O Light of Nazareth,
O Glory of Jerusalem,
O Beauty of the world,
O Noblest-Born of the Christian flock,
O Queen of Life,
O Ladder of Heaven,

This litany was translated by Eugene O'Curry and appears in The Catholic Anthology.  It dates from the middle of the Eighth Century.