Litany of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Lord, have mercy on us.
    Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.  Christ, hear us.
    Christ, graciously hear us.
God the Father of Heaven,
    Have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
    Have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost,
    Have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God,
    Have mercy on us.

Holy Mary,
    Pray for us.
Glorious Mother of the King of kings,
    Pray for us.
Saint Thomas of Aquin, etc.
Worthy child of the Queen of virgins,
St. Thomas most chaste,
St. Thomas most patient,
Prodigy of science,
Silently eloquent,
Reproach of the ambitious,
Lover of that life which is hidden with Christ in God,
Fragrant flower in the garden of Saint Dominic,
Glory of the Friars Preachers,
Illumined from on high,
Angel of the Schools,
Oracle of the Church,
Incomparable scribe of the Man -God,
Satiated with the odor of His perfumes,
Perfect in the school of His Cross,
Intoxicated with the strong wine of His charity,
Glittering gem in the cabinet of the Lord,
Model of perfect obedience,
Endowed with the true spirit of holy poverty,

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
    Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
    Have mercy on us.

Oh, how beautiful is the chaste generation with glory,
    For the memory thereof is immortal.  
Because it is known with God and man,
    And it triumpheth crowned forever.

V.    What have I in Heaven, or what do I desire on earth!
R.    Thou art the God of my heart, and my portion forever.

Let Us Pray

        O God, Who hast ordained that blessed Thomas should enlighten Thy Church, grant that through his prayers we may practice what he taught, through Christ Our Lord.  R. Amen.

        St.  Thomas Aquinas, The Angelic Doctor: Born around 1225 in the castle of Rocca Sicca near Naples, St. Thomas was opposed by his family when he tried to become a Dominican; they imprisoned him for 15 months and even tried to distract him with a prostitute-whom he repelled with a blazing firebrand in his hand.  An angel then girded him with a mystical cincture and he was thenceforth entirely free from all temptations of the flesh.  He escaped from imprisonment and became a Dominican priest.  Taught by St. Albert the Great, and deriving much light from meditations on the crucifix, St. Thomas was one of the most brilliant intellects in the history of Christianity.  His Summa Theologica continues to be the greatest work of theology ever written, yet St. Thomas remained deeply humble.  Shortly before he died, he had a mystical experience, after which he declared, "I can write no more; everything I have written seems like so much straw." St. Thomas died in 1274.  He is the Church's official theologian-The Common Doctor, or Universal Teacher.