Act of Contrition and Opening Prayer

        O my God and Savior, as I kneel in the presence of Thy Divine Majesty, I am overcome with grief for having so often offended Thee, for having so often rejected Thy graces and inspirations.  Thee, O my God, do I recognize as my God and Savior.  Thee do I believe in, hope in and trust in, confiding in Thy mercy that my sins may be forgiven, that my past faults may be blotted out and that I may, from this day henceforth, renew my dedication to Thee.

        I love Thee, my God, above all things and I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, for having been a wayward child of Thine.  I confess that I have been ungrateful, that I have strayed far from Thee, that I have failed to use Thy grace and assistance.  Admitting my faults, I repent of them and promise never more to offend Thee.

        In this vale of tears, Divine Savior, punish me but spare me for eternity, never to offend Thee.  I will confess my sins, I will do penance for my transgressions.  Do Thou, dear Lord, help me to make of my life an offering to Thee, worthy of Thy divine majesty.

        During this novena help me to know Thee better, to love Thee more and to serve Thee more faithfully.  Grant me the favor which I ask of Thee, if it be to the greater honor and glory of God and the good of my own soul.

Opening Prayer for All Days

        O Virgin Mary, Mother of God, special protectress of all who wear the scapular of Carmel, be to me a true Mother and make me better to appreciate and love Christ Jesus.  Ask thy beloved Son that He may pardon me my sins, that He may free me from my enemies and thus I may be able to save my immortal soul.  How much do I need thy help also, O Mother of God, thereto; how much do I need thy counsels and assistance amid the storms and trials of life!

        Obtain for me, especially during the course of this Novena which I am making to thee, Nuestra Señora del Carmen, that I may share thy sentiments of love toward Christ Jesus, that I may be worthy to associate with the angels and saints of heaven, that I may join my voice with theirs to praise thy Son forever and ever.