Concluding Prayers

        O most holy Virgin of Carmel, as thy child, I desire that all may share the privilege and honor of being enrolled under the protection of the scapular of Mt.  Carmel.  May all Catholics know the sweetness of thy interest in us, the strength of thy love, the joy of belonging to thee under the insignia of Carmel.

    Look upon us, with eyes of tenderness and pity and take heed of our needs and petitions.  Be mindful of the many worries and necessities of Our Holy Father, the Pope and aid him in his arduous tasks.  Consider our misery, have compassion upon us poor sinners.  In our prayers for friends and relatives, do thou take heed and on those who may be outside the fold of the Catholic Church, have mercy on them, O Lady of Mount Carmel . . . Poor non-Christians, do thou assist so that they may come to a knowledge of God.  Aid them and draw them from the shadow of death and the darkness of paganism.  May they all be brought into the fond embrace of the Catholic Church.

Litany of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Intercessory Litany of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for the Conversion of Sinners