Second Day

Act of Contrition and Opening Prayer

    Mary is a mother to all the children of God.  She is a mother to those who despise her as she is a mother to those who seek especially her assistance and help.  She is a mother to the good and the bad as her Son came to redeem the good and the bad, as God allows the good and the bad to enjoy the goods of this earth.

    But, there are some who have particularly chosen to be dutiful children of the Blessed Mother.  Some there are who have sought, and do seek, to be faithful to the admonitions, loyal to the counsels and advice of the Mother of God.  Some, with an appreciation of her kindness and goodness, have sought to obey her, have attempted to model their lives upon her life.

    For those who would draw near to the Mother so as better to approach the Son, the Blessed Virgin has a special appeal, a particular interest.  For those who in a singular manner would be children of God, she shows maternal kindness and considerations.  She is a Mother in more intimate ways to those who thus honor her.

    And, it is to such associations and communities as the Carmelites who have selected the Virgin Mary as Patroness that special graces are given.  To those who would draw merit and assistance from the Virgin, there are rewards offered.

    As a mother has her favored children, those who respond to her caresses, who seek to follow her precepts and example, so the Mother of God, and our Mother has her choicest friends, those who ally themselves in a definite way with her legion, those who in a particular manner attempt to be true and loyal to her inspiration.


        Do I associate myself with some confraternity or association whose special purpose is to give honor to the Mother of God and, thus glorify Jesus?


        O Virgin most holy, who hast favored the Carmelites with thy intimate love and choicest conversations, guiding them with the light of thy teaching and example, I ask, O Lady, that thou assist me especially, begging of thy blessed Son for the light to know His goodness and to love Him; to know my faults and to weep for them.  Grant, too, that my deeds and conversation may always be to the greater honor of God and the edification of many neighbor.  So, my Lady, I beg of thee humbly saying:

        Here recite three AVES for the special intention you have in making this novena.

Concluding Prayers