Sixth Day

Act of Contrition and Opening Prayer
        What is so often needed in our lives is the right spirit, good faith to do our works, as well as we know, and as well as we can.  Not all are to be intellectual giants; not all are to startle their surroundings with great conquests and greater victories.  Only a limited few are to be extraordinary.
        What is imperative, however, is a spirit of willingness, a spirit of cheerfulness, a spirit of good faith.  We need this for ourselves and we ought to interpret the actions of others, friends and enemies, as inspired by good faith.
        In our own lives, good will is indispensable.  In our relations with God, we may fail every day in numberless ways.  We may falter and fall by the wayside in the smaller matters of our daily routine.  We may stray from the path of duty; we may be derelict to our calling.  But, no matter the byways, no matter the small defections, what is essential is the spirit of good faith, the determination to raise ourselves and try, try again.  Desperation - never!  Despair, something that ought not so much as to be spoken among us!
        And, what is true of ourselves is true also of our interpretations of the acts of others.  We demand that our deeds be, read in a kindly light.  It is only fair that we give the same consideration to others.  We ask that others be generous in their consideration of us; we might as well give the same to others.

        The spirit of good faith that is so important an element in our spiritual life, is a grace that Mary can secure for us from her Son.  The determination to persevere until the end, to try, and to try again, no matter the number of falls, this spirit of good faith, Mary can acquire for us, if we go to her, seek her intercession and plead with her for the aid and powerful assistance that she so lavishly gives to those who seek her mercy and intercession.


        Do you ask the help of the Mother of God to intercede with her Son so that you may acquire this precious gift of good will?


        O Virgin of Carmel, Mary most holy, thou dost show by so many signs that the Carmelites are thy children; thou dost bestow upon them the brown scapular, granting therewith special blessings and favors.  We ask, O Virgin, that we may be able to imitate more closely thy virtues.  Help us to be more faithful to this devotion and so permit thy reward as also the eternal happiness of Heaven.

    Here recite three AVES for the special intention you have in making this novena.

Concluding Prayers