Ninth Day

Act of Contrition and Opening Prayer
            One of the most appealing representations of the Blessed Virgin is amid the suffering souls in purgatory. It is an image that affects us, that makes its impress upon us, that serves to develop in our hearts a fond affection for the loving Mother of God.  As Mary is the protectress and patroness of a happy death, as she has helped in her powerful way, to save many souls from the eternal abyss of hell, so too, we know, that while the souls of her clients remain in purgatory, that she is ever their aid and helper.
        Fortunate the souls that have escaped the torments of hell!  Happy those victorious souls who have been able to pass through the portals of eternity and to hear from the judgment of God, “well done, good and faithful servants.” And while there may be a period of temporary punishment for those who have yet to be cleansed of blemishes and to make amends for punishment due to sin, the fact is that they have been successful in their quest for the eternal happiness and everlasting glory of Heaven.
        As these souls languish in the abode reserved for the still unpurified,, as these souls are subjected to the punishment of purgatory, they have a special plea, a singular appeal to those of us who would help them.
        No longer on earth where they can assist others, where they can help themselves, these souls in purgatory need our aid and assistance.  We can help them and we ought to come to their relief.

        One effective method is to pray to the Mother of God for these suffering souls, to beg of the Virgin that she aid them, that she obtain from her Divine Son pardon for past transgressions and shortening of the period of purgatory.  One very touching appeal to the Son of God is through His Mother, to the Virgin who gave Him birth, to the Blessed Mother who suffered so excruciatingly for Him.  And Christ, Who loved His Mother will heed the plea, the pitiful prayer addressed to Him, especially if it be offered through the intercession of the Virgin most pure, Nuestra Señora del Carmen.


        Do you call upon the Blessed Mother to bring your petition to her Son, so that the days of probation of some suffering souls near to you may be, shortened?


        O Virgin of Carmel, Mary most holy how as a fond mother of those who wear the scapular dost extend thy love to favor the Carmelites, even after death, thou dost comfort their souls while in purgatory, and with thy prayers dost obtain that they leave their pains as soon as possible to enjoy the glory of God.

        I ask of thee O Virgin, that thou obtain for me from the divine Majesty the grace to fulfill my Christian obligations and the particular devotions as a client of the Holy Scapular of Carmel.  Obtain for me, that I may secure this singular favor so as to be more pleasing to thy divine Son and to thee.

    Here recite three AVES for the special intention you have in making this novena.

Concluding Prayers