Solis O Virgo

 O Virgin, who shines with sun's rays surrounded,
 And over whose head glows the twelve starred crown,
 The moon of high heaven thy footstool is made,
 Thou Queen of renown.

 O thou Victress over hell and dreadful death,
 Enthroned near Christ and ever our Mother,
 Earth and the heavens sing loud of thy glory,

 Thou sovereign Queen.

 But evil still is menacing thy children,
 Confided to thee by thy crucified Son,
 O Mother, draw nigh, `gainst the demon defend
 By crushing his head.

 Guard thou the faithful all who follow thy Son,
 And bring back to the sheepfold of the Shepherd
 Far wandering souls that are shadowed by death,
 O save every one.

 In kindness beg mercy for all poor sinners;
 Also the sick, the poor, the sorrowful, aid;
 `Midst life's thorns grant light and peaceful assurance
 Of our salvation.

 Praise to the Triune Godhead everlasting,
 Who hath caused thee, O Virgin, to be crowned,
 And providently willed our queen thou shouldst be
 Also our Mother.  Amen.