Opening Prayer & Act of Contrition

        Dearest Mother of my God, I come to thee during these days of this Novena; I kneel at thy feet to honor thee, to pay my debt of gratitude to thee.  In a special way, I would express some of the affection that Christ the Lord so generously exhibited toward thee.
        Under the title of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, I expose to thee my condition, my needs and my prayer. O Mother of God, do thou intercede with thy Son for me. Mother of my Redeemer, do thou aid and assist me, now that thou art with thy Son.
        During this Novena, make me to learn more of thy Son, more of thee.  Teach me to pray!  Help me to model my life on Christ Jesus, O Virgin Mother, thou who art called Seat of wisdom.  Secure for me a share of the divine wisdom so that my life might be a true reflection of Christ Jesus.  Help me during these short Novena days, O Mother of God and my Mother, whom I honor under the special title of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Act of Contrition

        Jesus, my God, how often have I offended Thee and, despite my firm promise never to sin again, how many times have I left Thy sweet company to follow the path of sin!
        Dearest Lord, I am sorry for my past negligences.  I regret this weakness of mine.  I would be ashamed to promise again that I will not sin were it not for the confidence I have in Thy love and Thy mercy.  I kneel in Thy presence, hopeful that despite so many past violations of Thy commandments, notwithstanding so many failures to correspond with Thy grace, I can still repent.  I know that there is time to make a new beginning.  With Thy aid, I will strive to be faithful to Thee; with Thy assistance, I will do my utmost to serve Thee faithfully - and always.  Do Thou, dear Jesus, help me!  Amen.