Sixth Day

I.     Holy Rosary
II.    Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary
III.  Meditation


        THE truth of the Assumption is contained in Tradition or “deposit of faith,” not explicitly but implicitly.  It was slowly discerned in the Church as involved in other clearly-seen dogmas.  It is contained in Mary's dignity as Mother of God.  It is also contained in the dogma of her Immaculate Conception, and in the doctrine of her surpassing holiness beyond that of men and angels.

        We know this first, from the ordinary teaching power of the Church, which is seen in the world-wide agreement of the Catholic bishops; secondly, from the observance of the truth in the Church's public worship, or its perennial acceptance in the belief and devotion of the Catholic faithful; thirdly, from the constant teaching of theologians, and finally from the solemn definition of the pope.

        The Assumption is one of those doctrines which passed through the stage of quiet possession, during which the truth had no clear expression.  But even in that stage, it was underlying the feast of the “Falling Asleep” or Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The Fathers of the Church, and the holy Doctors, in their sermons and homilies gave clearer understanding of the truth behind the feast.  Finally, the Church declared its status as a dogma.

IV.    Practical Application:


        Even our Blessed Mother was not exempted from suffering.  In the present plan of salvation, nobody is exempt from following the way of the Cross.  In the Cross is salvation.  Through the Cross, Christ entered into His glory.  Through suffering Mary became associated with Christ in the work of our redemption, and thus also a sharer in His victory.  Mary's crown of being assumed into heaven is also the fruit of her labors and sufferings of earth.

        All men are given something to suffer.  When ours comes we should not complain, but accept it with good grace from the Hands of God.  Some people think that God is not just when He sends them suffering.  Why should they suffer when others are apparently blessed and happy?  We should remember that God gives sufferings at different times, and in different forms.  Even those who are seemingly happy have sufferings of some kind or another.

        Let us leave to God, Who knows what is best for us, and Who knows how much we can bear, to choose what suffering to send us.  And these we will accept, suffer patiently, knowing that God will not leave us alone but will help us so that these sufferings will increase our merits in heaven.

V.     Resolution:

            Sufferings, wherever they come from, are part of God's plan for our greater sanctification.  Therefore I shall bless God for any suffering He may send me.  Things that are not of my own choosing, I shall bear patiently for the love of God.

VI.   Closing Prayers:

        Solis O Virgo
        V.   Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.
        R.   That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


            O Lord Jesus Christ, we offer Thee our prayers and sacrifices, that while recalling Thy sufferings we also may dwell on the bitter piercing-through of the most sweet heart of Thy Blessed Mother Mary, and through the most powerful and loving intercession of this Queen of Martyrs and of all Thy Saints gathered at the foot of the Cross, we may deserve to be one day numbered with the blessed by the merits of Thy Death.  Who livest and reignest forever.  Amen.

Closing Prayer