Second Day

Introductory Prayer to Mary,
Terror of Demons.

    O Immaculate Virgin, O all-pure and all-fair Lady, after Jesus thou art our best hope.  Behold us at thy feet with joy in our heart, with a soul full of confidence.  O dear Mother, we return to thee into whose presence the faintest breath of evil has never approached.  Thou art the most privileged of creatures, the only one of the children of Adam who wast never for an instant under the power of Satan.  Furthermore, thy virginal heel has crushed the head of the poisonous serpent.  And for these reasons thou art the Terror of demons.  Thy holy name is so powerful that all the strength of hell cannot withstand it. O most sweet Lady, thy pity is as great as thy power.  We, therefore, beg thee to shield us with the mantle of thy mercy from the fire of hell.  Protect also those dear to us at home and abroad.  In return, we promise thee, O noble Protectress, to be thine forever.

Intention: To fear hell.

    O Virgin of virgins, on this second day of the novena, we have recourse to the end and ask for a wholesome fear of hell.  Oh! how terrible must the punishment of those be who die in the state of mortal sin.  They must abandon all hope of relief from the flames that never cease. O kind Maiden, help us to realize that we have often condemned ourselves to such a painful prison, just for a few moments of pleasure.  Make known to us what a grave offense against our infinitely good God deserves.  Such is our wish and prayer today.

Prayer for deliverance from hell.

            O Mother of God, O Immaculate Queen of the Heavenly Hosts, keep us under thy protection.  Please do not let Lucifer and his demons draw us down into hell, which we have so rightly deserve by our sins. O Terror of demons, thou hast saved us from his power in the past, when after our eternal sentence. O Mother of Christ, if once we loved thee not, now after Jesus, we love thee most.  Do not permit that we should turn our back upon God, Who through thee hath dispensed so many mercies to us. O most lovable Virgin, how sad it would be if we should curse thee in hell.  Therefore we shall never cease to call upon thee to help us to amend our life. O Mary, in all temptations which assail us, in our trials and sufferings, separate us from thee.  We give thee thanks that thou hast so often aided us in the past, in spite of our ingratitude.  Continue, O august Queen, to cover with the wings of thy compassion ourselves, our dear ones, and all sinners who always cherished some devotion to thee. O thou, our Hope, save us from falling into our past infidelities; keep us from the everlasting flames, and we shall continue to praise thee with the angels and saints.

    Five Our Fathers and Hail Marys.

    O Holy Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the world, who never forsakest nor despisest anyone, look upon us with an eye of pity and beg of thy beloved Son the pardon of all our sins, that we who now devoutly celebrate thy Immaculate Conception, may receive the reward of eternal joy, through the mercy of Jesus Christ, our Lord, whom thou, pure Virgin, didst bring into the world and who with the Father and the Holy Spirit livest and reignest world without end.  Amen.