Fifth Day

Introductory Prayer to Mary,
Help of Christians.

        O Queen of Heaven and earth, innumerable angels and saints love and praise thee unceasingly. O Help of Christians, how many just souls on earth love thee.  Thou art the Mother of the infant Church, which was filled with the life-giving Spirit on the first Pentecost.  The twelve stars on thy crown proclaim thee the Queen of the Apostles who carried the glad tidings of the Gospel into the then known world.  Nay, thou art the Queen of Martyrs who gave their life for Christ with the greatest courage. O Mary, Help of Christians, we who confess the Catholic Faith also wish to have thee for our Queen. O yes, we purpose to love thee and to make thee loved, that finally thy praises may resound throughout the Orient and reach the ends of the globe. O dearest mother of men, do not deny  this privilege of grace to us, to our friends, and neighbors.  Spread the Holy Catholic Church from pole to pole and make all nations happy.

Intention:  For the blessing of the Church.

    O Virgin most powerful, bless the Church of Christ, thy Son, with the dew of thy grace. O most generous Lady, let the graces which flow from thy out-stretched hands descend first of all upon our Holy Father, the Pope, that he may govern the Church worthily at all times.  Secondly, bless our bishops and priests, that they may shepherd their flocks in good pastures, announce the word of God zealously, and be a light to all by the example of their virtue.  Give to us, the members of Holy Church, a true spirit of brotherly love that we may edify those around us who are not of the true fold.

Prayer to know our Christian dignify.

   O most gracious Virgin, O Help of Christians, teach us to love the Church as a mother.  Especially help us to appreciate our dignity as Christians.  Thou knowest, O Mother, that our soul hap, been created to the image and likeness of God.  By the indelible character received at baptism it has further been impressed with the image of Christ.  Moreover, thou dost fully realize that by sanctifying grace it became the dwelling place of the Blessed Trinity and the temple of the Holy Spirit. O what a dignity!  And it is ours! O Mary, would that we could be ever conscious of it!  Furthermore, the sevenfold grace of confirmation made us defenders of the Faith-still more like to Christ.  The sacrament of penance beautified our soul with an increase of sanctifying grace.  What an honor the holy sacrament of the Altar brought to us together with the Divine Guest of our soul.  How highly Christian matrimony elevated the state of the married.  O Mother of Christ, give us a true respect for ourselves that we may never do evil, because it is not becoming our Christian dignity.  Help our relatives and friends to do the same so that we all may live as true followers of Christ, thy son, and members of His Holy Church.  Amen.

    Five Our Fathers and Hail Marys.

            O Holy Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Queen of Heaven and mistress of the world, who never forsakest nor despisest anyone, look upon us with an eye of pity and beg of thy beloved Son the pardon of all our sins, that we who now devoutly celebrate thy Immaculate Conception, may receive reward of eternal joy, through the mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord, whom thou pure Virgin didst bring into the world and Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit livest and reignest world without end.  Amen.