Eighth Day

Introductory Prayer to Mary
Our Lady of Victory.

        O Purest of virgins, O Comforter of the afflicted, we, the most unworthy of thy children, have recourse to thee, We thank thee for all the favors thou hast granted us, especially for having delivered us from the fires of hell.  But, O most amiable Lady, thou art also called our Lady of victory.  And for this reason we come to thee today with a strong petition.  Since all men must die, we too will face death.  We wish to conquer in the last struggle of our life, when all hell may be unchained against us. O Mother, our Faith teaches us that a great devotion to thee is a sign that we will save our soul.  Full of trust, then, we appear before thee to beg thy help in the hour of need.  By the terrible torture thou didst endure on Calvary's mount at the death of thy Son, we beseech thee have mercy on us, on our families, and on the dying.

Intention: To die a happy death.

            O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Refuge of sinners, Mother of the agonizing, do not abandon us in the hour of death, but obtain for us perfect sorrow, sincere contrition, remission of our sins, a worthy reception of the most Holy Viaticum, the strengthening effect of the sacrament of Extreme Unction, so that we may present ourselves with security before the throne of the just, but likewise merciful Judge, our God and Redeemer.

Prayer to prepare well for death.

        O Virgin without stain, O Lady of victory, be not indifferent to our cry to thee.  Thou knowest well that our life - is a warfare against the wickedness of the world, the flesh, and the devil, and that as we live so we shall die.  Come to our aid, O most powerful Queen. Teach us to be victorious in all temptations so that we may win the crown of eternal life.  Thou didst crush the head of the serpent, the arch-enemy of our soul. O Mother of perpetual help, we therefore call upon thee.  Give us a great love for prayer, especially in time of trial.  Increase our devotion to thee through the rosary, O most Holy Queen.  We resolve to say that sweet prayer daily for ourselves, our parents, relatives, the dying, and the poor souls in purgatory.  In return, O most gracious Protector, save us from a sudden and unprepared death.  Nay more O Mother, we ask thee to be present to console us during the last hours of our agony.  If unworthy of such a grace on account of our many sins, then at least comfort us in our final struggle.  Tell us what is wanting to our soul before we appear before the tribunal of the all-just Judge, that we may make our peace with Him before it is too late.  Such is our prayer, so may it be.  Amen.

    Five Our Fathers and Hail Marys.

   O Holy Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the world, who never forsakest nor despisest anyone, look upon us with an eye of pity and beg of thy beloved Son the pardon of all our sins, that we who now devoutly celebrate thy Immaculate Conception, may receive the reward of eternal joy, through the mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord, whom thou pure Virgin didst bring into the world and Who with the Father and the Holy Spirit livest and reignest, world without end.